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The news is full of reports on instances of crime at schools and robbery and theft are among the most commonly reported crimes.

Head lines include:

  • “Almost half of the pupils in KZN are victims of theft” – The Witness
  • “Third Ivory Park school robbed at gunpoint” – The Tembisan
  • “Guard tied up, Midrand school robbed” – News24
  • “Robbers pounce on Phoenix schools” – Phoenix Sun
  • “One in five South African secondary school pupils is a victim of violence” – Independent Online

4.7% of learners were victims of robbery at school according to the National School Violence Study conducted by the Centre for Justice and Crime Prevention.

Learners Comment


As part of the 2012 UNISA Report on the Dynamics of Violence in Schools in South Africa, they interviewed learners and recorded their comments here are two heart-breaking examples:

“Maybe before or after break or maybe at break because people when they don’t have money (the bullies) they wait at the toilet and they beat you for your money and take your money” (Learner Focus Group Gauteng)

“We are afraid to go to the toilets because they take our money and cell phones. There are some place that we no longer go because of fear of what fellow learners might to do us” (Learner KZN)

Fast, Secure & Reliable


Carrying cash in today’s society is a big no-no and sadly makes us and our loved ones targets. In order to create safer learning environments for learners of South Africa, the Diamond Card may be introduced to completely remove cash from school premises and learner’s pockets.


  • Money is safe from bullies
  • Money can’t be lost (just replace card)
  • Avoid the dangers of carrying cash (e.g. being robbed after school on way home)
  • Less / no cash on the school premises (e.g. at tuck-shop or admin offices)
  • No cash transactions – (e.g. purchase of drugs)
  • Built in pin and password security


  • Faster transactions at tuck-shops (no change)
  • Guardians can load funds onto the card from anywhere in the world
  • Settle school fees
  • Pay for school trips, stationery, etc.
  • Eliminate school petty cash & draw statements to facilitate reconciliation


Learners learn about:

  • Managing money
  • Card security (pins & passwords)
  • Mobile banking
  • Online banking


Guardians have access to:

  • Online record of learners’ transactions
  • Monitor spending habits
  • Transfer funds instantly from a linked guardian account

Creating a safe environment for learners to excel in is our goal contact us today to discuss an affordable solution for your school.