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Whom to sell to


Diamond Cards are an excellent solution for millions of people living and working in South Africa, who currently have no option but to deal in cash. They include:

  • Asylum Seekers;
  • Casual Workers;
  • Domestic Workers;
  • Farm Labourers;
  • Foreign Nationals;
  • Migrant Workers;
  • Spaza Shop Owners; and
  • Truck Drivers

These people often struggle to get employment because employers do not want to deal in cash or they get robbed on paydays when they do earn cash the safety and functionality of a Diamond Card is the solution.

Grow your business


The fastest way to grow your network of Diamond Card customers and earn a steady income, is by paying forward the opportunity and appointing agents or runners to assist you in selling Diamond Cards. Commissions earned on monthly service fees for active cards in your network may be shared with agents as you see fit.

If you’re a spaza shop with a fixed location, runners could attract customers to your shop who are interested in Diamond Cards.

Earn on


Purchase Diamond Cards at cost and add your mark-up to start earning revenue from the moment you sign up a card holder. This provides your fledgling business with cash-flow to expand.


Earn on

Monthly Service Fees

Resellers’ with networks of 500 or more active Diamond Cardholders earn a monthly share of the monthly service fee. Since economies of scale matter your earnings increase as your network grows.

Negotiate with us


While standard costs apply, we are open to negotiate with resellers based on volumes and business models to help facilitate your vision. Contact us today to setup an in person meeting to discuss this opportunity.